We are able to put our hand to any request and can fulfil almost any customised order. The range of products we have manufactured and worked on in the past and present include:

Custom Parts for Hobbyists

  • High-powered rocket motor to another designer’s specifications
  • Custom made gun parts for pistols and rifles
  • Sound moderators
  • Silencers
  • Barrel threading

Custom Automotive Parts

  • Custom truck parts
  • Car parts
  • Hot rod parts
  • Motor bike parts
  • Triple clamps
  • Hardened gear shaft machining

Pattern Maker

  • Design and manufacture of plastic injection moulds
  • Forging dies for Brass, Bronze, Copper and Aluminium
  • Link pins for earthmoving machinery
  • Heavy duty penetrometers
  • Sheer vanes for soil testing
  • Product design to customers specifications

Moulds & Forged Parts

Models & 3D Printed Parts